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Monthly Membership Options

If you would like to receive the benefits of a massage or facial on a regular basis, but not pay full price for those benefits, then our monthly membership is the right option for you!

How it works:

1. If booking online, select memberships massages, select the one you would like to sign up for. (We will have you to sign a contract in person.)

2. Pay once a month the price of that package and come in after your payment date to receive your massage

3. If you would like to receive any additional services or upgrade your service, you may do so at the membership rate for each appointment.

4. If you miss a service one month, they will rollover up to 60 days. 

5. We require a 3 month commitment, after that you may cancel for free with a 30 days notice by emailing us.


  • No activation fees

  • Unlimited Massages/Facials at Discounted Membership Rate.

  • 10% off all Products

  • 20% off on specific upgrades.

  • Ability to replace pre paid credits for either a massage or facial depending on your membership selected. (Example a massage can be used for a facial.)

  • Rollover unused credits. 

  • Ability to cancel with a 30-day notice and no cancellation fees.

  • Convenient hours – open 7 days a week.

Relaxation & Deep Tissue Massages

30 Minutes – $40 per month

50 Minutes –$60 per month

80 Minutes – $90 per month

110 Minutes – $130 per month


50 Minutes - $60 per month 

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